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Welcome to the DIY PlexiCraft gallery.  Everything here is made from laser cut plexiglass, is hand painted, and custom LED framed by Ari Stone.

The above broken stained glass corvette is a pattern of mine from when I was working with stained glass.  I gifted it to a friend who loves cars over 10 years ago. Since then they have moved to various houses and this didn’t pack and ship well at all. Multiple pieces are cracked and some broken off entirely. I really can’t fix it anymore as I no longer own a grinder or cutting tools (and never liked cutting and grinding) and finding matching stained glass today to what I used over 10 years ago would likely be difficult. 



As can be seen with all the DIY PlexiCraft artworks on this page the finished PlexiCraft looks like “Stunning Stained Glass WITHOUT the Glass!” and as can also be seen, the plexiglass won’t melt when soldered and assembles just fine like stained glass.  All the following DIY PlexiCrafts are painted with Pebeo Vitrail stained glass paints. I am working on a full online DIY PlexiCraft course to teach others the PlexiCraft method I spent the last four years developing. Each of the below designs will be turned into DIY PlexiCraft kits for purchase on Etsy and Amazon Handmade. Some of the designs have already been converted into DIY PlexiCraft kits and links are provided for purchase, those that don’t have links right now to available kits, are in process of being converted into kits for DIY crafters.

Be sure to signup for the DIY PlexiCraft Newsletter to gain free access to the coming $250 DIY PlexiCraft course when released; and receive 70% off any DIY PlexiCraft kit on Etsy until I officially launch the DIY PlexiCraft Course. I’ll update subscribers on course progress and will also notify crafters of newly released kits.  Planned course release June or July 2022. The DIY PlexiCraft course will be necessary even for seasoned stained glass artists, as there are certain variations that are key to know, otherwise the DIY PlexiCraft can be ruined if doing everything the same as stained glass crafting.  But, the techniques are still very similar, such as soldering, you’ll still apply the same soldering techniques as used with stained glass, but only Studio Pro Flux won’t ruin plexiglass.  I cover all of this in detail in the online course with closeups and easy to follow step by step instructions and also provide subtitles.


Modern Wonder

DIY PlexiCraft “Modern Wonder”, won third place in the “Culture Fest Art Show 2021” in Grand Junction, Colorado.

To see photos of the event visit Mesa County Libraries Facebook Page here:

The judge thought it was stained glass.

Skill Level: 3 (Adept)

Watch Instagram Video of the LED colors changing here: Ari Stone Art – Design Artist (@aristoneart) • Instagram photos and videos


Peace Harmonix

DIY PlexiCraft Peace Harmonix is approximately 3 feet in diameter.  The plexiglass itself is very lightweight, unlike stained glass. The weight of this piece comes from the solder and poplar wood used.  It took me about four months to design and craft.

Skill Level: 3 (Adept)



The Roses

The Roses is a smaller DIY PlexiCraft with a total size of 30 in. tall x 16.5 in. wide x 4 in. deep

Watch Instagram video of the LED colors changing here: Ari Stone Art – Design Artist on Instagram: “”The Roses” completed and available now in Uncanny Valley Art Gallery, Grand Junction, CO. @uncanny_valley_art This took me a few months…”

Skill Level: 3 (Adept)

The Roses is available now as a DIY PlexiCraft kit on Etsy (be sure to join DIY PlexiCraft Newsletter to receive a 70% off coupon code!)




Deco Peaks

Deco Peaks is a small sized DIY PlexiCraft at Dimensions: 18.5 in. x 8 in. x 1.5 in. deep that can comfortably sit on an Office desk or be displayed on the wall in either a horizontal or vertical position and is ideal for small upscale spaces. This piece was a test run for crafting a much larger version to see what I thought about the pattern design first.

Skill Level: 3 (Adept)

below is Deco Peaks before I made the custom LED frame, I also really like it just being sunlit like a stained glass craft.

View slideshow of Deco Peaks on Instagram with images of PlexiCraft in various LED color modes here: Ari Stone Art – Design Artist (@aristoneart) • Instagram photos and videos




The following crafts, have not had custom LED frames made for them and are created with traditional stained glass hanging hardware.  I have created novice level DIY PlexiCraft kits for people to get started on seeing if they like DIY PlexiCraft making and to practice PlexiCraft techniques before venturing into more ambitious crafts like the above crafts that will be made available for purchase in the coming months.


Big Cat

Big Cat DIY PlexiCraft was my first full DIY PlexiCraft test craft kit to see how plexiglass held up to soldering and heat.  You can read the fuller story on the About page.

On the crafted kit below you’ll notice some of the plexiglass is clear but looks textured.  The textured glass effect is created using Acrylic Gel paint that dries clear.  The small size craft kit of this design is 9in x 9.5in x 1/8in.

Skill Level: 2 (Apprentice)




Skull DIY PlexiCraft is another design created while I was first exploring my PlexiCraft techniques.  I still can’t decide how I want to paint or texture this. I really like sugar skull type colors and patterns, so may get off my duff and color it that way. But, for now I would love to see how other crafters would color and texturize this.

Skill Level: 2 (Apprentice)



gnome 02

DIY PlexiCraft Gnome 02 is the more advanced version of PlexiCraft Gnome 01.  Gnome 01 (see below) is good for practicing techniques, gnome two is the level up craft for those wanting more of a challenge and for those who also love those cute little troublesome gnomes.  I haven’t painted this one yet, but I have done Color Exploring to see what colors I might want to use on it.

Skill Level: 2 (Apprentice)




DIY PlexiCraft Owl is 14″× 10.5″ x .125″ (1/8″).  I painted it with Pebeo Vitrail paints and explored some highlight effects by dabbing on light color paint first and letting it dry, then applying the full Pebeo Vitrail paint over the top of that.  I’m not really a fan of my paint job on this one, but it was more a color exploring piece and seeing how layering paints to create highlights might look.  This piece starts giving ideas of how to create shading and depth with a DIY PlexiCraft project.

Skill Level: 2 (Apprentice)



DIY PlexiCraft Bat kit was developed in honor of Halloween last year (2021) and I wanted to create a bat pattern that I liked and also hoped other crafters would also want to craft a cute spooky Halloween bat.   The first version of the bat I made was a bit of a disaster.  I didn’t like how dark the paints came out, which resulted in me creating the Pebeo Vitrail color chart that is used in the coming Color Explore tutorial.  Since I didn’t like the paint colors I used and I the wing broke because I used too thin of a foil, I wound up using the first bat to test all sorts of things on and basically totally destroyed it and will post a video showing ‘the destruction of the bat’ in the coming months, to show basically what ‘Not to Do’ with DIY PlexiCraft kits, except if the goal is to destroy the project, then totally do what I did on the first one! lol

Skill Level: 2 (Apprentice)

Bat is available now as a DIY PlexiCraft kit on Etsy (be sure to join DIY PlexiCraft Newsletter to receive a 70% off coupon code!)


Bat is available now as a DIY PlexiCraft kit on Etsy (be sure to join DIY PlexiCraft Newsletter to receive a 70% off coupon code!)





The following are novice introductory DIY PlexiCraft kits for crafters to get their proverbial ‘feet wet’ trying a simple DIY PlexiCraft pattern to see what they think about crafting with plexiglass and to develop some techniques (if not already familar with stained glass crafting) before diving into the more advanced skill level crafting kits.



DIY PlexiCraft Butterfly is a nice pattern to start with and is 5″ x 3.5″ x 1/8″.  This simple pattern is used a lot in my online course for DIY demonstrations from proper cleaning methods and products to creating soldered beaded edges.  I made multiple versions of this pattern to run various tests and it took a while for me to be fully happy with the lines, as the first version had more jagged pieces, which made it harder to foil, so I smoothed the lines and this is the finished result.

Skill Level: 1 (Novice)

Butterfly is available now as a DIY PlexiCraft kit on Etsy (be sure to join DIY PlexiCraft Newsletter to receive a 70% off coupon code!)



Gnome 01

DIY PlexiCraft Gnome 01 is the novice gnome pattern.  This is designed to be hung on a Christmas tree as an ornament and is sized 4″x 2.75″ x 1/8″.  PlexiCraft projects are much lighter than stained glass, so they are easier to make light weight ornaments. I also used a copper patina on this. You can see how nicely you can shine up solder and patinas on PlexiCrafts.  I use products that are plexiglass safe for buffing and shining and teach about them in my coming online course.

Skill Level: 1 (Novice)

Gnome 01 is available now as a DIY PlexiCraft kit on Etsy (be sure to join DIY PlexiCraft Newsletter to receive a 70% off coupon code!)



DIY PlexiCraft Cactus 01 is designed to be placed in a little pot with dirt and small piece of plant foam hidden inside the dirt to create a potted plant effect and can be displayed on the sill of a sunny window.  I’ll be creating more cactus designs to ‘plant’ together, in the coming months.  If you have your own cactus design you’d like to have laser cut visit DIY PlexiCraft “services” page for a price quote.

Skill Level: 1 (Novice)

Cactus 01 is available now as a DIY PlexiCraft kit on Etsy (be sure to join DIY PlexiCraft Newsletter to receive a 70% off coupon code!)


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