DIY PlexiCraft


DIY PlexiCraft is pleased to offer specialized Plexiglass laser cutting services just for ‘Stained Glass’ crafters.

Ari Stone has perfected the art of converting stained glass patterns into laser cuttable SVG files that include the traditional small gap between pieces that are usually achieved by cutting pattern sheets with special stained glass scissors (triple-bladed scissors) that allow for finished glass cut pieces to have room for foil around the edges and some solder between pieces. All laser cut plexiglass pieces come with the protective film left on to protect from scratches going from DIY PlexiCraft to your doorstep.

Why choose DIY PlexiCraft GlowForge laser cut plexiglass for your next project?

1. You might have a stained glass pattern you want to use stained glass with, but want to test it out with plexiglass before cutting expensive glass pieces. (FYI Plexiglass won’t melt into a puddle of goo when soldered together and it can also be sublimation heat press color printed onto!)

2. Pre Cut Pieces!!! You might not like cutting or grinding stained glass, but love foiling and soldering and want to assemble your own pattern without having to cut any glass.

3. Save Time and no tiny Stained Glass messes or cuts! – cutting and grinding pieces is time consuming, cuts are inevitable, and glass makes a mess in the art studio. Pre-Cut laser pieces remove all those headaches and lets you get to the fun parts ..assembly! and painting!

4. Stink at Cutting glass?  No problem, let our GlowForge laser printer cut all perfect pieces for you. All the edges are perfectly laser cut and smoothed and fit perfectly with all other pieces in your pattern, which are also perfectly cut and smoothed.

5. Glass prices got you down?  No problem, Plexiglass is affordable, and it won’t break like glass in shipping, so shipping costs are much lower too.

6. You have come across Justin Behnke’s stained glass patterns ( and absolutely adore a super detailed pattern with hundreds of pieces (I feel ya) and you think ‘OMG! 300 plus pieces! I love it and want it!!!…BUT… that’s just too ambitious of a pattern for me..’ – However, you’re in luck! Because with the file conversion techniques developed by Ari Stone, DIY PlexiCraft can convert that mega file and epic pattern into an SVG file and cut all the pieces for you and ship them to your doorstep in 1-2 weeks!. If using a pattern of Justin’s please purchase direct from Justin via his Etsy store both a printed paper version (for yourself to place pieces on) and a digital version of the pattern for DIY PlexiCraft to convert to an SVG file to cut you a single kit. To respect copyrights, only one laser cut print of the pattern will be made, unless otherwise directed by the artist.

The pattern below is Neptune by Justin Behnke.  It has 479 numbered pieces and is 28 inches in diameter.   I am happy to convert and laser cut any stained glass patterns you adore and want to DIY PlexiCraft in accordance with all copyright laws.




DIY PlexiCraft Laser Cutting Services Include:

1. Converting any Stained Glass pattern into a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) file for laser cutting.

2. Laser cutting 1/8″ thick cast acrylic (plexiglass) of any design of your choosing

3. Shipping laser cut DIY PlexiCraft pieces anywhere USPS, UPS, or FedEx, can ship to (USA customers free standard UPSP first class shipping on orders over $100. International Customers Free USPS Standard International shipping on orders over $200)

4. Full access to DIY PlexiCraft’s coming $250 online course for Free, that show step-by-step detailed DIY instructions to correctly assemble, clean, and paint your DIY PlexiCraft kit

5. Payment accepted by PayPal

6. Email and phone communication as needed to ensure you are fully happy with the design before printing

7. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.



Service Fees are as follows:

  • Free price quote.
  • $30 minimum set up fee (Includes: 1 hour of graphic conversion work and plexiglass test printing)
  • $18/hr for any additional time required beyond one hour to convert graphic to a laser printable graphic and to hand number and package custom kits. Larger and more detailed stained glass patterns require more time to ensure lines are perfected for laser cutting, simple patterns (like the DIY Novice Butterfly) may be completed within the first hour of service.
  • $20 per 12″ x 19″ x 1/8″ cast acrylic sheet with minimum of 1/4 sheet purchase ($5).
  • $120/hr laser cutting fee – minimum laser cutting fee of $10. If you have a simple design that takes only 5 minutes to laser cut your pattern’s laser cutting fee is $10, if your pattern takes 60 minutes to cut the fee is $120.
  • Reduced rates for successive laser printing (cutting) of the same pattern.

The lowest cost rate for a pattern conversion and cut is $30 (set up fee) + $5 (1/4 sheet) + $10 (5 min laser cutting) = $45 (plus the cost of shipping)

A price quote for a pattern like the Justin Behnke “Neptune” pattern above is as follows: Neptune uses 4 cast acrylic (plexiglass) sheets, takes 2 hours to laser cut, and approximately 4 hours to hand number and package. It took me around 3 hours to convert the digital file into a vector file for laser cutting. This pattern with time and materials would cost:  $30 (set up fee) + $80 (4 plexiglass sheets) + $240 (2 hours laser cutting) + $126 (18/hr x 7hrs) which equals an estimated price quote of $422. This total production price is over $100 and $200 dollars, so has free shipping anywhere in the USA or International.  For any Justin Behnke pattern; to respect the artist’s copyrights; please provide proof of purchasing both the digital file and pattern sheet from Justin .  I will laser print (cut) one copy of any design of his proven to be purchased.  If you want a second print of the same design, the setup fee and cost of conversion will not be included in the price, and proof of purchasing Justin’s digital design a second time will be required prior a second printing. An estimated cost for a second laser print would be $422 – $30 (setup fee) – $54 (SVG conversion cost) = $338 second laser cutting kit cost

Contact Ari Stone at for a price quote.